Tumor Biomarkers

Gliomas are aggressive brain tumors with a high mortality rate. Current methods for monitoring tumors are often invasive or non-specific. We are identifying tumor metabolites that are modulated by inflammation as novel magnetic resonance biomarkers for monitoring tumor progression and treatment.



Brain Thermometry

The current understanding of brain temperature regulation in health and disease has been limited by a lack of non-invasive methods for in vivo brain thermometry. We are developing magnetic resonance-based brain thermometry methods to understand the role of brain temperature in disease, recovery after traumatic brain injury, and implementation of thermal therapies.


New MRS Methods

While MRS techniques can provide localized information of brain and body metabolites non-invasively, clinical implementation often suffers from poor spatial and temporal resolution and is limited to a few metabolites of interest. We are developing advanced methods for acquiring and analyzing in vivo MRS data.